Building a new NFT ecosystem

Use the ARTINU token to own a %Β of our NFT portfolio, earn NFTs and access exclusive deals

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NFT portfolio (soon)

By holding ARTINU you own a % of our NFT portfolio. Profits will be redistributed amongst holders.


NFT giveaways

Every week, ARTINU holders will get a chance to participate in our giveaway and earn NFTs.


Exclusive deals aims at giving exclusive access to sells and early access to projects we believe in.

Upcoming platform coming in Q3

Weekly competition

Every week, users can stake their tokens to vote for an artwork. On sunday, the artists fund is split amongst the artists based on how much vote they got. By voting and staking, users get rewards.

Join the artists pool

Anyone can apply to become an artist but first they will need to get 25Β votes from the community, they also need to hold a min. of tokens to be eligible.

Artist application

Anyone can apply to become an artist in a few clicks, they will then face the vote of the community.



Artists/NFT fund

2% of every transaction (buy or sell) will be added to the artists fund. We will use those funds to buy and trade NFTs and in the future reward artists.


Passive income

2% of every transaction is re-distributed evenly to all holders. This means that the amount of tokens in your wallet increases automatically over time.


Self-growing liquidity

4% of every transaction is automatically added to the liquidity pool. Liquidity will automatically grow over time as Art Inu is traded.



- βœ… Conceptualization of Art Inu
- βœ… Launch v1Β of website
- βœ… Launch Telegram and Twitter
- βœ… Getting ready for presale
- βœ… Presale & launch
- βœ… Kickstart marketing campaign


- βœ… Get audited
- βœ… Release the dashboard
- Release of the NFT portfolio
- Open applications to NFT artists
- Get added by CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko
- Second marketing campaign
- V1 of our platform

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